Multi-Telescopic Manrider Platform Conveyor

The Newland Telescopic Belt Conveyor With Operator Platform was designed to aid personnel with loading and unloading high cube sea containers and trailers.

The Newland ‘Manrider’ operator platform has been proven to considerably reduce loading and unloading times, making the whole process more efficient and streamlined. As with all Newland vehicle loading/unloading conveyors, it can be supplied with a number of different belt widths: 600mm, 800mm or 1000 mm and can be fitted with a fixed position, fully mobile or traversing chassis to suit the customer’s operation. Chassis can be low level for operation from a raised loading dock or high level for ground level operation (‘Dockless’ un/loading).

platform capable conveyor

Up to 2 people, max 180kg


Variety of belt widths

24 hour service

Loading & unloading times reduced

The fully mobile chassis is also available with battery power to give greater flexibility to customers who need to move the machine without a supply lead over a considerable distance when not in use.

A tail conveyor can be fitted to the rear of the machine to allow operators to work at a comfortable height when placing items onto or removing products from the conveyor.

The belt load with the operator platform is 30 kg per metre. 
The platform is designed to accommodate one or two operators up to a maximum of 180 kgs.

An additional feature of the platform is the ‘fold up’ arrangement whereby the platform can be folded up when operators are unloading goods from the floor of the trailer whilst standing off the platform and needing to be closer to the belt. This eliminates reaching over the platform depth to the belt. A gas strut eases fold up/down movement and catches secure the platform in the raised or lowered position.The standard push-button control console is positioned above the belt on the right hand side looking towards the back of the telescopic belt conveyor.

platform conveyor
Newland platform conveyor

Other features

  • Includes E-Stops located on both sides of the belt 
  • Control console can also be fitted to both sides, as an option.
  • LED Strip lights fitted to the front telescopic boom  
  • All platforms come with 2 Safety Harnesses.
  • Operator training is given at customer premises
  • Examples of products carried: Cartons/boxes, tyres, flat-pack furniture and bedding. 

MTC Manrider Platform Conveyor

The ‘man rider’ platform (for either one or two operators) is optional and allows unrestricted movement in the vehicle and operation of the conveyor controls.


Manrider technical drawing

Safety has been a primary consideration in the design of the MTC. The machine is operated from an ergonomically designed control panel at the front of the extending boom. Hold-to-run buttons enable the boom position to be adjusted within the vehicle to suit the operator and goods, thereby minimising the risk of injury resulting from goods handling operations. All conveyor rollers are fully concealed, eliminating trapping points.


MTC 'Manrider' in operation

View our video and see the MTC Platform conveyor or ‘Manrider’ in operation.

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