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Factory Re-furbished Conveyors

A cost-effective solution to owning a quality industrial belt conveyor

Newland conveyors are designed and built to be resilient and provide many years of service in a variety of environments. When they are at the point of needing major maintenance, many customers opt for a full factory refurbishment, rather than ordering a new conveyor. This provides a lower cost option, often providing better value than long term hire in many cases and also means a shorter delivery time compared to a brand new machine.

Factory Refurbishment includes full machine disassembly, service and replacement of all components with quality parts exactly as would be fitted to a new machine. A full respray brings the conveyor back to it’s original condition and would easily pass as a new machine.

We offer two options which are – Buy Back Refurbishment or Customer Upgrade Refurbishment

A 2 Year Parts & Labour warranty is offered and numerous customers have been extremely satisfied with the high quality of the finished, often unable to tell the difference between new & refurbished

A refurbished conveyor from Newland Engineering offers sustainability benefits & a reduction in carbon footprint from the reduced manufacturing process.

Conveyor before refurbishment

Conveyor after refurbishment

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Multi-Telescopic Belt Conveyor | up to 19.2m reach

The MTC can be installed either on a loading dock or on ground level (dockless) when a high level chassis and inclined tail conveyor are incorporated.

mtcx3 newland conveyor


10m reach

Double hinged boom of the T-Type pivots on two sets of hydraulic rams to make the machine suitable for working from ground level (dockless) or off a raised loading dock.

tc33 newland conveyor

WTC33 / WTC38

10m reach and 11.55 reach

The W-Type suits all applications where the booms of the conveyor are required to adjust in height at both ends.

MTC135 'Manrider'

Multi-Telescopic Belt Conveyor | 13.5m & 16m reach

The Newland Manrider telescopic is fitted with a platform for either one or two operators. Used for unloading or loading ‘High Cubed’ vehicles whereby the goods stacked near the roof of the vehicle cannot be reached by an operator standing on the floor of the vehicle.

The platform fitted to the front telescopic boom raises, lowers, extends and retracts with the telescopic boom enabling the operator to retrieve or place the goods safely and with ease.

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