Newland WTC38 mobile belt conveyor

Newland recently sent one of their service & installation engineers over to Oman to give operator training to Omani Navy personnel on a modified Newland WTC38 mobile belt conveyor with motorised single telescopic action.
The WTC38 is to be used to load supplies onto Omani Naval ships. The WTC38 is normally powered from a mains supply but this one is also equipped with a diesel generator should there be no access or provision to a mains supply. Other features include a cooling unit for the control panel to cope with the extreme heat of summer which can go up to 50deg C.
To protect against corrosion from salt in a marine environment the Newland mobile conveyor is fitted with a stainless steel bed plate on front, rear & telescopic booms and also includes stainless steel fittings throughout.
The paint finish is a 2 pack polyurethane finish.
The mobile conveyor is designed with height adjustable twin booms. Both front & rear booms can raise & lower to +/- 30deg. The front boom will reach a delivery height of 7.8m.
Newland have for many years given on site operator & maintenance training to customers. Our service & installation engineers are well travelled, installing, commissioning & servicing machines & giving operator & maintenance training to customers worldwide.