eight twin adjustable boom mobile conveyors to Oman

Newland Engineering have received an order to supply eight twin adjustable boom mobile conveyors to Oman.
The tender was won by Newlands distributor in Oman Business Int LLC.
Newland Export Sales Manager Mr Michael Kyrycz has just come back from Oman where Business Int LLC were exhibiting at OPMEX – Oman Packing & Material Handling Exhibition in Muscat 8 – 10 February.
Michael said ‘’The tender was hard won & we appreciate the tremendous effort by our distributor in gaining this order.’’
He also added ‘‘We have a proven record in the Gulf Region & Oman especially with our mobile conveyors. We have machine models still in operation that are over 30 years old. The conveyors have to work in heavy duty operations in extreme conditions that require a very high degree of reliability.
A lot of other suppliers state that their equipment is robust & capable of operating in the conditions within the Gulf Region but have failed to the detriment of the customer. They ‘Talk the Talk’ as they say but can’t ‘Walk the Walk’.
We have an extremely good aftersales department & our distributors know that we can ship spares same day or following day for machines whether they are 5 years or 30 plus years old.
This gives a comfort factor & confidence to our distributors in selling our machines in the Gulf Region.’’
The photograph shows Mr Vijay Rawat of Business Int LLC & Mr Michael Kyrycz Newland Export Sales Manager at Oman Packing & Material Handling Exhibition Muscat, Oman 8 – 10 February 2016