No effort spared when it comes to maintaining Newland Conveyors


We recently received a spare parts enquiry for two Newland TC33 mobile belt models. When we checked the machines serial numbers we were pleasantly surprise that one was manufactured in 1979 & the other unit manufactured the following year in 1980. Both machines are still in operation.

Michael Kyrycz Newland Export Sales Manager commented:

”I worked on both units as an apprentice fitter/welder. It’s a testimony to the design & build quality of the machine’s. It should not come as too much of a surprise as our spares department supply spares for machines of over 35 years old. Many conveyors that are still in operation world wide in Africa, The Middle East & Asia, handling heavy duty products such as 50/70kg bags of flour, grain, rice, sugar, cocoa beans. Engineered to work in tough environments”