There are several chassis options for the Newland Multi-Telescopic boom conveyor models [MTC]. One includes the fully mobile ‘Twin Powered Wheel’ chassis, The MTC3x.
Here follow some of the unique features of this versatile mobile conveyor:
This unique design has two powered wheels enabling the chassis to move in very tight spaces.
The chassis can traverse left/right, forwards / backwards, diagonally left/right.
The chassis can also rotate 360 degrees with the powered wheels positioned at 90 deg to the chassis.
A ‘change over switch’ changes wheel direction on one of the powered wheels & the chassis can then turn on its own axis with true 360 degrees of movement.
The fully mobile twin powered wheel chassis has been in manufacture since the late 1980’s. A well proven and tested design.
Installation free as the units are fitted with a 15.0m cable reeling drum that connects to the power supply.
There is also an option for a battery powered twin powered wheel chassis. The chassis movement operates from a battery. Other motors [Belt, Telescopic Boom etc] run from a three phase supply.
Whilst the telescopic conveyor is loading / unloading vehicles the batteries are being charged via trickle charger.
The fully mobile twin powered wheel chassis can be fitted to all Newland multi-telescopic boom models including Manrider MTC135.
Proven very successful for the multi-telescopic units on our hire fleet, ‘plug & play’ eliminating the need to bolt the machine to the warehouse floor.
Video footage can be viewed on our web site: 
View MTC Conveyor video
View Manrider MTC135 on fully mobile twin powered wheel chassis