Newland paint department – quality & excellence


Newland recently benefitted from a training course which was provided by our paint supplier Ultrimax Coatings.
The one day course at Newland allowed our 3 trainees to be instructed using our own equipment.
It was also an advantage to paint Newland booms on-site as these are very large fabricated items.
This would not have been possible with training off site. Although our paint sprayer Gareth is already experienced, he was keen to participate and pick up any new ideas and techniques.

Newland Managing Director Mrs Lynn Kerfoot said:

”It’s very important for the company to be continually improving in all our departments, especially paint as the finish reflects the quality of our entire machine model range of mobile & multi-telescopic boom conveyors. We can supply the machines in a standard wet paint finish or a Two Pack Polyurethane finish for operating in a marine environment or handling corrosive material such as salt”.