Manrider Returns

manrider telescopic conveyor for retail returns site

Newland Engineering have recently supplied & installed a version of their ‘Manrider’ Telescopic Belt Conveyor at an ‘Online’ Fashion retailer for their ‘Returns Warehouse’.

This telescopic manrider conveyor aids personnel in the unloading operation of high cubed trailers & considerably reduces unloading times, making the whole process more efficient & streamlined.

Operating from ground level the Manrider Boom Conveyor is mounted on a fixed high level chassis with a tail conveyor at the rear.

An existing raised platform/plinth located at the doorway meant that the Manrider chassis had to be slotted into a ‘cut out section’ in the raised platform bringing the front end of the Manrider up to the existing dock leveller. Installation was completed in one day.

Operator training was given at the Newland manufacturing premises before the machine was installed. A Safety harness for the operator is provided & in-depth instruction on use is shown. We can provide training for all of our telescopic conveyor products to suit you and your operation.

An additional feature of the Manrider platform is the ‘fold up’ arrangement whereby the platform can be folded up when operators are unloading goods from the floor of the trailer whilst standing off the platform & needing to be closer to the belt. This eliminates reaching over the platform depth to the belt. A gas strut eases fold up/down movement.