Southampton based Import Services Limited are specialists in Retail Supply Chain Logistics. With over 25 years experience in Order Fulfilment Services, continuous growth led to the necessity for a new Distribution Centre – making a total of three modern, multi-user, distribution centres.
Their new DC, in the heart of Southampton container port, boasts an impressive 170,000 square feet with storage facilities for 20,000 pallets, utilising custom-built racking. To maximise their efficiency, they needed reliable, specially designed inbound conveyors to speed-up the unloading process of loose loaded cartons from 40-foot sea containers.
Newland Conveyors Limited was approached to offer a solution and, together, we designed, manufactured and installed a system to meet the necessary requirements. Two lines were commissioned each comprising of a Newland MTC3X, multi-stage telescopic belt, boom conveyor, a 90° powered bend, a powered decline belt conveyor and a section of powered, line-shaft conveyor. The latter can accommodate up to 28 pallet stations (14 per side) and permits the product to be picked straight from the line and onto the appropriate pallet. This system has provided a tipping time as low as one hour for a 40-foot container.
A few months later Import Services identified a need to improve their outbound facility when loose loaded, as opposed to palletised, items need to be despatched. Operating at one ground level roller shutter door, typically 5-metres wide, Newland Conveyors designed and installed a system to meet their needs. The system comprises of a horizontal, telescopic belt loading conveyor, an inclined belt conveyor, a 90° powered bend and an MTC3X, multi-stage, telescopic belt, boom conveyor. The MTC3X is fitted with a traversing chassis and mounted on rails such that the machine can move left and right to enable the loading of two 40-foot trailers parked side by side at the same door.
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