Celebrating 25 years service at Newland Engineering this year Darren Gaunt, Chief Electrical Engineer.
Darren commented ‘I know it’s a cliché but the 25 years has flown by!’
Darren started as an apprentice industrial electrician in 1989 progressing to Chief Electrical Engineer in 2003 taking charge of the electrical team & department.
Through Newlands apprenticeship scheme Darren has been involved in bringing apprentice electrical engineers to the high standard required in the build of our conveyors.
Mrs Lynn Kerfoot Managing Director Newland Engineering stated: ‘Darren is a key & valuable member of our organisation. Instrumental in the company’s drive for constant product improvement & customer satisfaction’
Darren Comments: ‘When I first started the control panels & wiring were pretty much straightforward. It’s moved on a lot since then with controls becoming advanced & sophisticated. Especially our Auto loader model with touch screen controls, interface with external control systems and green technology’
As well as working in our manufacturing premises in Hyde, Cheshire, Darren has been involved in commissioning machines in the UK & Worldwide. A single lad when he started, Darren is now married with 2 young daughters. A keen fitness fanatic, Darren has kept up his martial arts & Gym training.