Auto-Loader telescopic boom conveyor for national supermarket chain

autolading conveyor at supermarket chain warehouse

Newland Engineering recently completed commissioning and handover of its Auto-Loader telescopic boom conveyor model for a national supermarket chain

The Newland Auto-Loader installed at this fashion and clothing distribution warehouse will automatically load loose bagged & packed goods into any vehicle whatever the length, without the need of an operator.

A PLC sensing system controls the machine as it moves to a pre-defined ‘Loading Pattern’ depositing loose parcels from the floor up to the roof of the vehicle. A powered slewing chassis enables side-to-side motion.

Sensors on the front of the telescopic boom detect product ‘build back’ during the loading operation and also on the trailer sides and roof as the boom moves in accordance with the pre-programmed path.

Goods are normally received at the rear of the Auto-Loader via a chute from an overhead conveyor or ‘Tilt Tray’ system, ranging from 5,000 to 7000 items per hour depending on package sizes.