High Street Pharmacy Client

A major high street pharmacy with a .com operation has selected Newland Engineering to provide vehicle loading solutions for their new purpose built .com distribution warehouse in Birmingham.

Part of the conveyor-based despatch operation involves the use of three ‘Manrider’ Telescopic Conveyors manufactured in the UK by Newland at their premises in Hyde, Cheshire and installed and commissioned by their own dedicated team of installation/service engineers.

The vehicles being loaded are high cubed trailers. Loading manually from the floor of the trailer was giving approximately 80% fill. By using a Newland ‘2 Man’ carrying platform a 100% fill is achievable. The whole platform design is user friendly, with room for two operators able to stand at the side and front on the conveyor. Ergonomically postioned push button controls giving the operator ease of use of the raise/lower and telescopic in/out functions. The platform is fitted with safety features including a stop bar at the base of the platform and PE sensors to detect the floor and ceiling of the trailer.

The installation was slightly different, in that the ‘Manrider’ platform section of the boom conveyor was to be located on the outside of the wall of the warehouse when the telescopic booms were fully retracted where a new dock layout and shelters were added to the outside of the existing building

The main section of the ‘Manrider’ conveyors are fitted on high level fixed chassis located within the building. Goods are conveyed at the rear via a conveyor system supplied and installed by TGW.

The whole installation has a very clean and engineered look, and had to be precise, as the ‘Manrider’ platforms had to be fitted after the installation of the main sections, with the front end of the telescopic conveyor protruding through the ‘skin’ of the building into the Dock Shelter.

With a capacity of 2,000 cartons per hour/per line, improved operational efficiency has resulted in a saving of one trailer journey in four. Ergonomically designed, the Newland ‘Manrider’ Telescopic conveyors have drastically reduced Manual Handling whilst dramatically improving operator performance resulting in a 20% increase in trailer fill.


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